Emily Ploszaj../


This is probably the project I'm the most passionate about. I've been writing it over the past couple years with a very specific interest in mind: to create a very "D" experience for working with the Discord API. Compared to the other, less feature complete D Discord libraries, I also want it to be easy to understand and interface with, reliable to use long term, and fun to write with.

Shenzhen Solitaire GBC

Shenzhen I/O is one of my favorite games of all time. One of the features that is found in nearly all Zachtronics games is a solitaire, and Shenzhen I/O is no exception. Shenzhen solitaire has a knack for getting ported to interesting platforms (MSDOS, among others), so I ported the game to the Gameboy Color.

Scrabble Sweeper

One of my longest running projects that has seen many rewrites and goal changes. The current version is being designed to flexible to change and expand on while also providing the same experience it always has. I've had the domain scrabblesweeper.net parked for over a year and that's where the final product will be hosted.


Trinkets is a modular accessory and accessory slot system for the popular game, Minecraft. It is implemented using the Fabric API and is currently the standard API for implementing accessories in the Fabric ecosystem.


Of course I wrote my own website! Plain HTML, CSS, and 3 lines of JS (unfortunately the homepage pastel color easter egg prevented me from keeping this at zero).

Other Bits

I've worked on a large amount of other open source and personal projects, many of which can be found on my Github. These are just some of the ones I'm most proud of.